Benefits Of Retinol

Retinoids are a form of vitamin A and a class of anti-aging compounds used in skincare. They help fight acne, reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen, and promote cellular turnover.They’re also known for evening out skin tone and increasing blood flow to the skin.

Retinol is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A, the group of fat-soluble vitamins common in carrots, eggs and sweet potatoes.

Retinol, when included in skincare products, helps to support the skin’s natural renewal abilities, enhance collagen production and reduce the appearance of ageing leaving skin, soft, supple and youthful. 

MZ Skin’s fabulous Retinol Skin Booster is a lightweight night serum that rebuilds, smooths and repairs the skin’s surface. 

The skin booster:

Combats the signs of ageing; 

Brightens dull skin by exfoliating at a cellular level;

Evens out complexion; 

Supports the skin’s natural repair system; and 

Boosts collagen production to improve skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Be sure to add this product to your arsenal in the battle for youthful and healthy skin.

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