Benefits Of Dry Body Brushing

Body brushing is one of those things that we start off doing and it feels great but pushed for time it eventually falls by the wayside and your body brush gets relegated to the back of the bathroom cabinet. Now that the morning commute and school run are on pause for the foreseeable, it might just be the time to reinstate this lost art into your morning (or evening) routine. 

Brushing has a myriad of benefits not least combatting cellulite, softening your skin and adding definition and tone. This occurs when you brush in upwards strokes promoting your lymph and thus helping the body to metabolise toxins. 

Dry brushing is a great exfoliator, manually removing dead skin cells from the top later of your skin. After the winter we have experienced it’s a great time to get to work! 

This technique also promotes self-care and admiration. As you take your brush and focus on each part of your body you are intentionally showing yourself a love and care you deserves. 

Written By: Bianca.M

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