Everything You Need To Know About Honey In Skincare

Sugar, oh honey honey! You are my candy girl and you’ve got me wanting you.

At MINTD we cannot get enough of the sweet stuff! This golden elixir is just as likely to be in your skincare as it is a part of your breakfast table.

From DIY buffs to the mainstream beauty juggernauts, honey has earned itself  quite the reputation as a super ingredient. Its uses date back thousands of years and its credibility over that time has been unwavering. From medicinal to nutritional to beauty properties, honey is a firm favourite.

Loaded with antioxidants, honey works to combat acne, wrinkles and dry skin.

Honey is naturally acidic which creates cleansing properties. Fear not sensitive skin holders, honey is a gentle cleanser, making it appropriate for both dry and oily skin. To reduce acne honey acts as a gentle exfoliator and goes to town on pores to remove dirt and blackheads. Once cleansed, it hydrates and tightens to leave skin looking smooth and clear.

You may have seen honey featured in a number of moisturisers, this is because of its ability to nourish your skin from within. The enzymes in honey enable it to penetrate your skin, conditioning it and softening it from deep down inside.

It is also contains an anti-inflammatory so can be used to soothe skin, combined with rose water or aloe vera for an extra cooling effect. Honey is known as one of the best topical methods for treating sunburn.

Be cautious, not all honey is created equal and so it is important to remember that raw is better when it comes to this liquid gold. Medical grade honeys such as Manuka and Medihoney are what we should be going for. Whilst the processed stuff may have a longer shelf life, the means of making it so strip it of much of its superpowers and could result in adverse effects.

Written By Bianca.M

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