It should come as little to no surprise that the last 6-8 months has impacted the way we sleep from sleeping less, to sleeping more, having vivid dreams to disturbed sleep and unsettled sleeping patterns. We have had it all going on. 

One of the main culprits behind our unusual sleeping habits is the anxiety we have been under as a result of the pandemic. In and amongst all of the chaos we have experienced dilemmas around lockdown, livelihoods, isolation, home schooling, home working. For most of us we wouldn’t have previously experienced such a huge shift in the way we live almost instantaneously. 

There are some ways that we can try and reinstate some semblance of normality with respect to our sleep pattern and reduce some of the anxiety we have been feeling. 


Pick a bed time and stick to it. Even if you find yourself not immediately able to drop off, getting your mind and body ready for sleep is integral to actually getting there. On the opposite end of the spectrum, having a set time on when you will get up is important too. Avoid the snooze button and get some natural light (if possible) as soon as you can. Get up and move.

Reduce your news consumption

The news cycle is incredibly depressing at the moment, and whilst we aren’t advocating that ignorance is bliss, try and reduce the amount you are consuming over the course of the day. This goes for social media too! The constant bombardment of information plays havoc on your mental and emotional health.

Create a restful environment

Working, living, and playing at home is… A LOT! So we advocate (if you can) to create zones in your home that can provide some sort of separation for the multiple spheres of your life. One such tip is making your bedroom a tech free/work free zone. Where you sleep shouldn’t be overridden as a place of work.


Eating well is central to a good night’s sleep. Ensuring that you have 3 well rounded meals over the course of the day and keep hydration levels up with lots of water helps. You may have found that being at home makes our lifestyles somewhat more sedentary, be sure to get your steps in by going for a walk, get in a HIIT class online or meditate with a yoga class. Keeping your body active will increase your prospects of having a night of uninterrupted sleep. 

Our final recommendation is to take an evening for yourself, work your way through the products in this box and drift off to the land of nod in your luxurious silk mask, secure in the knowledge that your skin will be looking as refreshed as you feel in the morning. 

Written: Bianca.M Instagram Photo: @Erica.Anastasiia

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