It’s no secret that our skin goes into a rejuvenate state when we close our eyes and doze off; it’s one of those underplayed superpowers that we are more than happy for after one too many late nights, early mornings, days of hedonism, and the list goes on. We’ve long heard of the list of pros that getting a good night’s rest does for the body, inside and out, but in this chaotic world it’s so hard to cut through the noise and seek out the sleep we are so deserving of. 

Our hit list for a good night’s sleep have been designed for longevity. A good bedtime routine is a game changer, not only for your skin (glowing and gorgeous as it will be) but also for your mental health and overall wellbeing.  So, pull up and get comfortable, it’s time to count some sheep. 

Sleep at regular times 

 Our bodies are creatures of habit, when we become accustomed to something our brain stores this information and identifies said thing as second nature. It is the same with sleep; if you wake up and go to bed at around the same time your brain and body will adjust and regulate to wake at these times. 

Wind down 

Jumping into bed, closing your eyes and wishing yourself to sleep may work for some but many of us require some coaxing to get ready for the land of nod. Create a line in the sand with the day that has just ended, that could be writing a list of things to do for the next day enabling you to organise your time and clear your mind of distractions.  

Banish your tech 

Okay, it’s 2019 and our smartphones are a personality trait, but that LD screen is your worst enemy when trying to deactivate your mind. Make a pact with yourself to stop using devices (plural because the TV, laptop and tablet are just as pesky) at least a half hour before bed. Make your bedroom a tech free zone, often in the middle of the night we can fall victim to ‘just having a quick look’ which can turn into an hour or two! 

Beautiful bedding

Lovely, clean and fresh bed linen is an absolute must. Make your bedroom somewhere where relaxation is central which means decluttering the space. Yes, that means putting your clothes away and not having them draped across seating and/or the floor. And, whilst it’s an expensive purchase, a good value mattress picked out for your specific requirements is going to do wonders. 

Written By: Bianca. M

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