How To Prep Your Skin For Spring

The bitter cold & winds of winter has definitely taken its toll, leaving our skin feeling a little dull and dryer than we would prefer. The good news is that this unfortunate condition can quite easily reversed, start prepping your skin for the sunnier days ahead with a few easy steps to getting radiant and healthy skin for summer.

Get Scrubbing: The cold and use of heavier moisturisers & oil based products to retain moisture, can cause build up on our skin. For people who suffer from dry skin & combination ski the use of exfoliating products is paramount. The build-up of dry dead skin cells causes the skin to appear dull & lack lustre. For dry & combination skin we recommend exfoliating once / twice a week as this will remove the build up of dead cells. Exfoliation and use of products containing phenolic acid,  is a great way to encourage healthier and more radiant skin, as well as giving the skin the opportunity to effectively absorb the product when applied. For oily skin we recommend using an exfoliant that is gentle & contains lactic or hydrochloric acid to effectively break down excess sebum without drying you out completely.

Get Radiant: For glowing and healthy looking skin, the preparation begins now. Start stocking up on beauty products that contain ingredients such as Vitamin E and C as these will promote a brighter and more radiant appearance. Using natural ingredients such as volcanic ash and active charcoal can help de-clog pores and remove toxins from the skin, leaving your skin feeling refined & smooth. Using beauty products rich in Antioxidants and Citric Acid can improve the overall health of your skin and also reduce signs of ageing.

Get Hydrated: The cold can so easily strip your skin of its natural oils, hence hydrating is important. With this being said, swap your thick hydrating moisturisers for a light one as this will help your skin easily absorb the product within warmer temperatures. Using a light moisturiser with added probiotics will not only keep your skin hydrated but it will revitalise your skin as the months get warmer.

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