How To Release Stress & Love Yourself

With the hassle of everyday life and the continuous need to be paying attention to a million things, it is easy to get overwhelmed and feel defeated. As part of your self-love journey, stress is a hurdle that you need to learn to overcome. In order to do this, we have come up useful tips that can help get you in control.

Connect With People: A great way to relieve stress is to spend quality time with loved ones. This is the perfect time to confide in them by sharing any concerns you have whilst having a bit of a laugh, it’s good way to relax and gain helpful advice. By sharing and vocalising your problems, this helps release you from overthinking in silence. Having a good support system, whether at work or at home, and engaging in activities such as a pampering girl’s night in, goes a long way in reducing stress levels.

Get Active: In order to relieve stress, exercise is highly beneficial. A good way to relieve tension is to engage in activities such as running, yoga or pilates, if that is what you prefer. Regardless of the activity, the importance is that you are focusing on something else and clearing your mind. By doing this, it allows you take a step back from what is stressing you out, and potentially have a better outlook on the situation later.

Super Food: Managing stress by indulging in Chinese takeout and bottles of red is not the way forward. To help cleanse your mind, it’s vital to give your body the good fuel it requires to function. Switch your beloved morning coffee to a green tea, less caffeine and source of antioxidants; this will gracefully carry you through the day. Also drinking more water allows you to stay alert, have better focus and a productive day.

Goodnight: Better sleep is key to controlling stress. Spending time in bed could be the answer, as sleep deprivation has a significantly negative effect on our mood and judgement & can fuel stress. Sleeping 7-8 hours allows your body and mind to repair it’s self &  helps to release any tension you’ve been carrying through out your day. A good sleep routine, will help reduce stress in the long term.

Be Smart: When dealing with stressful situations that require us to do several things at once, being efficient is paramount. To avoid stress, be smart about how you plan in order to stay organised and informed. When we are only seeing the large picture of what we have to complete, this can be daunting. Reducing tasks into objectives whether by listing them out or using sticky notes, can help reduce stress. Utilise tools such as your diary or calendar, organise things according to priority, and work through it. Also completing the easiest tasks first can aid progress, and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Written By Melanie. C

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