We are currently experiencing a change to our daily lives that we could not have begun to imagine just a few weeks ago. The ongoing global pandemic has meant that many of us have had to transform our personal spaces into work spaces, blurring the lines between the beginning and ending of the working day, introducing team mates to our loved ones over video call and generally adjusting to a way of life that we aren’t used to. 

This seemingly overnight switch has pronounced how much we rely on technology to communicate and stay connected. It has also highlighted how accessible we are to others which can be a huge cause of anxiety. Whether it’s socially or work related it is important that we ensure time to disconnect from technology and allow for reconnection with ourselves, others and our surroundings. 

Being constantly available is hazardous to our mental health and emotional wellbeing and once these two things are at risk then it tends to result in fatigue physically; not something we should ne putting at risk now more than ever. 

So, what can you do to ensure that you are able to disconnect effectively:

  1. For those new to working from home and the well initiated, bad habits can form quickly so it is important to set boundaries. Clearly mark out your working day, when you plan to start, breaks and nourishment (food is fuel!) and end time. It can be all too easily to slip into a spiral of waking up to and falling a sleep to a screen, don’t let it happen! 
  2. Tech free times and tech free zones are essential. Try not to swap one device for another instead opting to take a break from technology entirely. Meditation or exercise will help lift your mood and do not require you to be attached to a social feed, email or news reel. 
  3. Be present. Those of us who live with others may be experiencing more time than ever with these individuals who had previously been for evenings and weekends. Engage with them, find out things you didn’t know about each other, appreciate that they are experiencing this alongside you. 

It’s important to remember that home should be a space that brings solitude and peace, do not lose yourself in or to things that compromise that. 

Written By: Bianca.M

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