This month’s ingredient analysis is focussed firmly on lactic acid. We are used to seeing acids as key ingredients in skincare products but it can be tricky deciphering between the varieties and the benefits that they bring in their usage. 

Lactic acid is typically used to treat dull and uneven complexion: hyperpigmentation and age spots being two of the main culprits. Lactic acid is an AHA, that is alpha hydroxy acid, a group of anti-aging ingredients. Other AHAs include glycolic acid and citric acid. Lactic acid is the most popular of AHA family and is found in a number of over the counter products as well as in more powerful professional treatments. 

Lactic acid works by exfoliating the skin, lightening dark spots and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lactic acid removes older, dull skin cells by dissolving the bonds that hold them together and as such promoting the cell renewal to speed up turnover, leaving you with (literally) renewed and refreshed skin. Skin will appear smoother and softer with a more even tone and complexion. 

One of the benefits that makes lactic acid stand out from the crowd is its amazing ability to keep skin hydrated, you read that correctly, not only does it improve the appearance of skin it also provides much needed moisture. A great ingredient to look out for in those winter transitional products. 

Written By: Bianca.M

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