Oh summer how we have pined for you over these sullen winter months, spring came and offered glimpses of promise but it is now officially British Summer Time. There are lots of pieces out there which contain tips on how to get summer body ready dealing purely with the outside, the aesthetic. But your body is so much more than that, it is the physical, the mental and the spiritual. It is important to think of these three facets in creating a healthy and positive outlook on the standard we uphold for ourselves and for others.

The best thing about summer can be the natural golden glow of skin. When out in the sun we need to ensure that our skin is protected against ultraviolet rays. In this month’s box Skin Laundry Advanced Protection Moisturiser SPF35 has us covered. It is important that whether at home or abroad we show our skin the respect it deserves, we may not always have sunny days but we only get one body, subjecting our skin to damaging practices fir short term gains can have serious and long term implications.

It’s the perfect time to include exercises and activities that can help us feel good about ourselves and a little less self-conscious when the time comes to put on a bathing suit. Focusing on what we consider ‘trouble areas’ can increase our sense of accomplishment and calm feelings of anxiety stemming from not addressing our problems head on. Self care is important and it should be seen as something that positively impacts your life. Sometimes self care can equate to indulgence but looking after your body, ensuring that you are healthy, loving yourself whilst having the odd treat here and there is fine.

Food, glorious food! Summer brings an abundance of fresh, delicious and health boosting food. As we explored in the SPF superfood article, food can help us in enjoying the summer months, protecting our skin against the damaging effects of sun exposure. Food also has an ability to boost our mood, so this summer ensure that the food we are eating is supporting good mental health too. Feeling good about ourselves and what we eat come hand in hand.

Being beautiful is about feeling beautiful and whilst having a beach body may appear to be the gold standard for summer, having a beautiful mind is much more formidable. Try to avoid toxic and unrealistic beauty standards, it’s summer and you have a body therefore you are summer body ready. Go and enjoy it

Written By Bianca.M

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