Meet The Founder Behind MZ SKIN Dr Maryam Zamani

This month MINTD Box has collaborated with skin care extraordinaire MZ Skin to bring you a medley of rejuvenating, rehydrating and restorative products powered by science. 

To mark the occasion we had the honour of catching up with the leading name in luxury skincare and MZ Skin founder, the one and only Dr Maryam Zamani. 

Maryam takes us through the inspiration and influences behind her skincare range, her top tips for perfecting your skincare routine, how she manages to balance work and home as well as dropping some pearls of wisdom for those budding entrepreneurs amongst us. 

Enjoy this intimate discussion as you make your way through a selection  of the range in your opulent box of treasures. 

1.What influenced you to create a skincare brand? 

Creating MZ Skin was truly an organic process and perhaps something I was preparing for all my life without knowing.  My journey began when my mother introduced me to skincare when I was about 14-15 years old-I still remember she gave me a tinted moisturiser from Lancôme and it was the perfect shade of tan and I wore it religiously. Fast forward a few years through college and medical school, I continued a nightly ritual after school of a nice long shower, gorgeous undies and then my skincare ritual. I loved the Sheseido, La Prairie and then the Natura Bisses of the world. When I moved to London, I did a lot of studies with hyaluronic acid fillers and developed an interest in non surgical treatments, leading me to do a Dermatology Certificate with Cardiff University. From there, I started using doctor skincare brands but I could not remain consistent. The formulations felt too medicinal, and lacked the luxury sensory component that I loved so much so I went back to Natura Bisse and Sheseido but added some pharmacy grade products I had formulated with the pharmacist and shared with a few close friends. One day, my husband casually said I should just create it for my patients too and that is where MZ Skin was born! In my desire to have a concise, precise capsule collection of potent actives that work synergistically together to give glowing, beautiful skin. It needed to be simple yet effective, science backed and tested in my formulations and free from all the nasties and it needed to be perfectly feminine and beautiful-the perfect alchemy. I have strived to create a brand made by a women for the woman I am and the women I care for.

2.Tell us about your background in oculoplastic & reconstructive surgery and how that informs your skincare.

I am a fellowship trained Oculoplastic Surgeon with a special interest in facial Aesthetics. This means I do reconstructive (think cancer or trauma reconstructions) and cosmetic (eyelid surgery for hooded eyelids, droopy eyelids or sagging/puffy eyelids) surgery around the eyes. I also compliment this with an array of non surgical treatments ranging including injectables, lasers, peels and other treatment modalities. I also completed a certificate in dermatology to gain a better understanding of skin and how skincare and treatments improve skin function and clarity 

3.What are the key elements for a complete skincare routine?

The best routine is the one that you can keep. It must be simple, effective and beautiful so that you want to maintain it!  The goal is to reveal, enhance and protect the skin. What does this mean? Cleansing and exfoliating the skin to reveal beautiful, healthy new skin and make that skin more receptive to the other actives that will be placed on top. Then using an array of ingredients like ceramides, peptides, antioxidants, retinols, hyaluronic acid, stem cells to name a few to ENHANCE the skin; to give the skin the actives needed to improve skin quality, texture and tone. And finally to PROTECT the skin again with antioxidants and SPF.  

4.Your brand is described as for women by a woman, what makes it uniquely feminine?

It is interesting that there are very few Doctor led skincare brands made by a woman. I can think of only a handful that are sold worldwide, including my own, when most of the consumers of this type of skincare is women. I have tried to create a beautifully presented skincare brand packed with science but without the clinical feel. I feel sometimes when something seems too medicinal, it looses that luxury sensory component and the ritual aspect of self care that I find so important.  

5.How do you strike a balance between professional and personal? 

I am not sure there is always a balance between my professional and personal life-I would say its more of a dance, sometimes one side wins out over the other but than it changes again. I love what I do professionally and sometimes there are sacrifices that also need to be made.The reverse is true as well. I do what I feel is the best to do at the time, and sometimes my work wins over and other times, my personal life wins over. Family is always the priority… and sometimes that means, I am at the bottom of the list!

6.What does your average working day consist of?

Well, pre-Covid I wonder now how I did it all before! I would wake up at 7 am and read emails until 7:30, have my hot water/lemon/ginger and then get the kids ready and out the door by 8 am. After school drop offs I would head to my office and have my Monday am team call from 8:30-10. Thereafter it was a constant flow of patients, calls and emails. I would then go home to be with the kids, have dinner and once they are tucked in, gym time for me or time with friends. And if not that, then emails, Netflix and lights out! 

7.You have enjoyed a successful career to date. What has been instrumental for you in that success?

Thank you. I feel that I have been extremely fortunate and lucky in the way my career has progressed so organically.  I have done what I love, and worked incredibly hard to be and do better. I think attitude is always crucial-I definitely have a can do attitude, solutions driven. I think that anything you want is achievable, and that there is ALWAYS a way, even if you cannot see it immediately. Ultimately, I have put my heart, soul and a whole lot of sweat and I have had the never ending support and guidance from my husband and family. Their support and particularly my husbands has given me the wings to fly.  

8.What piece of advice would you give to female entrepreneurs?

I would say so much! Surround yourself by people you admire.  Ask mentors for their opinions, don’t be shy-what is the worst that can happen? Put yourself out there-that is something I find very difficult to do, but I am trying more and more to do this-you never know who you may meet that may change or perspective on what you are doing. If you have an idea, constantly try to analyse it, make it better. Trust your instincts-they will serve you well! And finally, make sure you have the best support you can, because this will make everything so much smoother. Keep true to yourself, follow your own path and try not to compare your journey with someone else’s-you have no idea what their situation was or is. And finally, BELIEVE in yourself!

Written By: Bianca.M


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