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After the ‘Beast from the East’, it finally seems as though spring has decided to make an appearance. With longer and (somewhat) warmer days, we are basking in this March weather and equipped with the tools to enjoy it. The March box includes Amly’s Botanical Radiance Boost, a silver rich spring water solution which hydrates skin leaving it feeling and looking dewy and fresh; great for this transitional period into SS18. Amly boats an unapologetically natural skin care range which is renowned for its use of silver as a key ingredient, something which the rest of the beauty and skin care world have only recently caught on to. After falling in love with the product in this month’s box and the ethos behind the range (natural, organic and holistic skin care created by friends – we love sisterhood at MINTD) we sat down with Amly co-founder Kerry to learn more about their story, what differentiates them from other brands on the market and what they recommend to keep your skin looking, feeling and actually healthy.  

1) How, when and why did Amly come about?

Amly was born after Lisa moved with her family to Hawthbush Farm in Sussex. After completing the transformation of the farm to organic it was important to Lisa to make sure the water was as pure as the land, both for the converted eco holiday homes and for the livestock. They enlisted the services of a renowned dowser to find the water source which was found under a wildflower meadow called ‘Amly’ (also the olde English name of the farm). The water had to be tested for purity as it was supplying the cottages, results showed not only was it incredibly pure but rich in mineral and silver salts, known for their health benefits.

Lisa and I have been friends for nearly 20 years and with my background in Holistic health Lisa called me to see if we could do something beneficial with the water. I adore face mists so it seemed the most natural thing to create a range of facial waters. It took us nearly 2 years to get the formulation exactly as we wanted it, there were many challenges with it being a water based product and we were very particular about which ingredients we used.

2) What differentiates Amly from other beauty brands?

I think launching a beauty company with a face mist was highly unusual. We wanted to launch with our signature mist to introduce people to us as a brand, understand our story and background. Lisa lives on an organic farm, runs foraging courses and is passionate about health and wellbeing. I have studied and practiced in Holistic health for over 20 years, with my own practice and as a teacher and supervisor. It has always been our intention for Amly to be a ‘holistic brand’, not just as the latest buzzword but because that is firmly rooted as a life concept. It is paramount that we consider all that goes into our products, where they are sourced, and what impact they have on both ourselves and the environment.  We try to work with people in a way that is considerate and mindful and seek partnerships with people we feel have a good synergy.

3) What are the most important elements of a skin care routine?

I actually trained as a facialist (Kerry) and lots of that has stayed with me. However I really feel that we all have very different needs both in terms of our skin and our lifestyle so am reluctant to give hard and fast rules. I would say hydration; it is always going to benefit your skin. Radiance boost is brimming with moisture boosting botanicals and high levels of hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid.

4) How do I know if a product is right for me?

I think we judge a product not only by how it makes our skin look/feel but as a sensual experience i.e how it smells, does that make you feel good, how it feels, does it feel good to use and does it feel good on your skin. If your response is a positive one free of bad reactions then I would say that is a good indicator of it being a good product for you

5) What is your favourite Amly product and why?

I think my favourite Amly product is Beauty Sleep. I adore the calming, soothing scent. I use it after cleansing in the evening and it immediately prepares me for sleep. I actually don’t use anything else, the snow algae and echinacea are highly active skin repairing, collagen building ingredients, which means I awake with a smooth, rested complexion.

6) Silver rich water is an important element in your range, what are its benefits?

The silver in our water is naturally occurring; the silver is taken onboard as the spring water passes over the bedrock which means it is more bio-available. Silver has been used as an aid to healing for centuries. It accelerates the healing process and has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties all of which make it beneficial in our mists to help protect both skin and immediate space from airborne pollutants.

7) What advice would you give someone wanting to spring clean their lifestyle?

I would always advise to look at your diet, the purity of what you put in is going to have an impact on how you look, feel and act. Take a look at your immediate environment, try and remove as many toxic products as you are able. Look at things like cleaning products, skincare and body products. There are lots of ‘cleaner’ products on the market now and many cheaper alternatives which can be made at home. Try and limit time spent on digital devices, always good to have a break and get some fresh air if possible, use airplane mode whilst sleeping. Spend some time outdoors; it doesn’t need to be vigorous exercise, gentle walks just being in nature breathing in clean, fresh air.

8) What are the essential beauty items required for winter to spring transition?

Winter to Spring, oh the joy! Skin as with everything else in nature changes with the seasons so it is a good idea to pay attention to what those changes may be for you. For a lot of us this may mean our skin feels less dry so we may want to lighten up our routine, perhaps substituting a richer oil for a lighter one or perhaps you may not need to use it every night. Mists can be a great way of getting hydration and nutrients into your skin without feeling heavy or oily, you can also use throughout the day when you need to refresh without disturbing your makeup.

9) What are 3 things you can do for your skin everyday?

Drink plenty of water
Eat nutrient rich foods that feed the skin
Mist regularly to protect, nourish and hydrate!

10) Apart from silver, what are Amly’s favourite ingredients?

Snow Algae is an absolute gem, it activates an important longevity gene & the cellular energy enzyme which both help facilitate cellular repair.
Our bio-active echinacea extract activates sirtuin a hyaluronic stimulator; it is also anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant providing a soothing protective boost to the skin.
Marshmallow root extract works against inflammation. it is also deeply moisturising, soothing plumping and smoothing, & the name is just yummy!
Chamomile is incredible, I remember my grandmother using it when I was a child, she always had a herbal remedy at hand. It is calming and balancing, but also revitalising and regenerating.

Looking for an extra Silver boost? Why not try Amly Botanical Radiance Boost Facial Mist

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Written By: Bianca.M

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