Meet The Woman Behind The Brand: Su-Man

As an award-wining renowned celebrity facialist turned innovative skincare pioneer, Su-Man is the inspirational force behind ageless beauty for her clients. Her eastern and western influences are evident in her exquisite skin care products, guaranteed to cleanse, rejuvenate and purify the skin for a lasting youthful appearance. Years of professional dancing and training in the healing arts of Shiatsu and Pilates, Su-Man is a strong advocate for wellness and the resilience of the human body. Her dynamic products described as “the natural alternative to Botox” provides a unique balance of prevention and correction for radiant healthy skin. Su-Man believes that skincare should be a ritual and hence building a positive relationship with our skin is essential.

How do you feel your background has influenced the concept of your brand?

“In my brand DNA lies my whole life history. There are traditional and ancient Chinese beauty secrets that I learnt from growing up on a farm in rural Taiwan. All these come from natural ingredients that are designed to prevent ailments by keeping skin healthy. Then, to energise the skin there is touch and massage which I was doing all the time with my six sisters. There is also intuition, which comes from living in the now and being connected to everything around you. When I created my skincare line I just knew what was right. A little bit of research and some advice from my chemists made them safer and compliant.

As a former professional dancer I learnt that beauty comes from your soul as much as your appearance. I believe the light that comes from within us is the volume of our own unique beauty turned up. Dance also reinforced my brand concept that movement is essential to improve anti-ageing. Hence my insistence that massage application is essential to amplify formula benefits. That is also the reason why my products have special textures that support this application principle.

It all sounds like a logical life journey but if we remain ourselves throughout our lives everything we do, say and are will be authentic and truthful. My dad told me this when he said to me as a child, “Be who you are and not what you should be!”

What are your favourite products from your range and why?

“I get this question a lot and I struggle to give an answer as I see all my products as my babies. How do I choose? I honestly can’t live without them all but if forced I would say my Rehydrating Toning Essence because it is the perfect bridge between cleansing and moisturising so it plays an important role for me. If you wanted to meet my skincare family for the first time I would recommend my cleanser, facial polish and serum. They are the ideal way to discover my brand as they perfectly balance the need to purify, energise and nourish the skin.”

What are the best ingredients you would recommend for helping skin during seasonal transition?

“Seasonal changes can sometimes make people’s skin become more sensitive as it struggles to adapt. I personally don’t change my regime but instead adjust the quantity of product I use. In spring and summer I tend to use less and resist the urge to over-cleanse even though the skin feels more humid. In winter when skin becomes more stagnated I tend to take longer to massage my products in to release muscle tension and get energy flowing through the skin much more. In summer skin gets more sun exposure so it needs more protection.

One of the ingredients I use – dragon’s blood (which is in everything apart from the toner) acts as a second skin and is very effective in protecting, repairing and prevention. The skin needs this all year round.”

Do you believe that not maintaining a lifestyle of overall wellness affects the skin in any way?

“100 per cent! We often hear “you are what you eat!” Just like exercise where the body changes through both physical rigour and diet, so does the skin. You can add emotional wellbeing to this as well. Sometimes there is too much emphasis on the “cosmetic.” Yet looking good is only going half way. Feeling good ensures we fulfil our full potential. Only through this combination can we shine brightly.

It requires a bit more discipline and patience which you find less and less in our quick fix world. Age prevention is a life long ritual. Start young and never stop! This is very much an Asian philosophy and one which is the cornerstone of my brand vision.”

What affects does stress have on the skin?

“I think people underestimate the damaging effects of stress and no cosmetic only approach can cover up the symptoms of unhappiness, dullness, lifelessness, and greyness. It literally makes your skin look “down.” Stress also affects our internal organs as their functions become impaired which is then reflected in the skin.”

Do you believe that organic skin care is best?

“I don’t think it’s as simple as saying organic or science is best. It really comes down to the quality and details of the formulation. If any product can give both immediate and long lasting benefits without damaging the skin than that is a good product. In my experience when I tried an only natural and organic approach in my very first draft formulas I did not get the performance I desired. Texture and prevention are very important for me and they required some science. In many cases organic is an ethical choice and it is down to the consumer.”

What are the top three worst practices that you have encountered from your clients that are bad for the skin?
  1. People tend to over wash their faces, which leads to skin become weaker, more sensitive and prone to over drying.
  1. People also tend to either over exfoliate or not at all. Skincare is not just about getting rid of dirt but energizing and nourishing it. It’s just like when people over water plants which kills them. Doing too much is just as bad as doing too little. I’m so surprised at how little people know about their skin and get over obsessed with the causes rather than the symptoms. We need to get to know our skin and influence change rather than control it.
  1. People spend a long time carefully applying their make up to make themselves beautiful but often take it off too quickly and aggressively. This I’m afraid damages your beauty and speeds up ageing. We need to maintain our skin health and beauty with and without make up.
Ideally how often facials should be done?

“I can only speak for my facial technique which is non-invasive. To achieve that “celebrity glow” alongside a layering system of my skin products, I improve muscle tone, increase lymphatic drainage, activate blood flow and open up blocked energy channels so the skin can breathe.

Normally women past 40 who have neglected their skin for years I recommend once or twice a week to start with. For skin that has been well looked after and for maintenance once skin health has been restored I would say once a month is ideal.

There is no getting away from the fact that neglected skin is unhealthy, stressed and old looking. Yet, the good news whatever age we are we can make a difference. I’ve learnt this from working on over ten thousand faces!”

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By Melanie.C

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