January may have seemed to have lasted an eternity, but as it always does time now begins to move with reckless abandon and we find ourselves in March. Isn’t it funny that despite longer days time still slips through our fingers? If autumn is concerned with shedding and doing away with the old, spring is the rebirth. Whilst winter is be the cocoon, spring is the butterfly and as such we come into being with the rest of the world – full of colour, beauty and ready to fly.

With longer and (fingers crossed) brighter days, it’s no surprise that we are more inspired to kick start projects and set plans into motion. And so in life, as in nature, spring creates the environment for new beginnings.

In setting ourselves up for new beginnings and initiatives there is a ritual which we carry out; spring clean, a deep and thorough cleansing, typically of a house or room. But who says that spring cleaning need be solely concerned with clearing out the cupboards and pulling out the sofa to give the skirting boards their bi-yearly scrub? Instead of focusing on the interior of some bricks and mortar let’s spring clean our lives, doing away with old habits all whilst clearing out the wardrobe (ambitious I know!)

Spring cleaning your life needs to be more than a big gesture, as I’ve said spring is about rebirth which allows for new beginnings but it also gives me the opportunity to reassess plans and projects already in motion and reigniting those ones that lost spark along the way. So, write down things you want to achieve in this cleansing.

1) Exfoliation

Nothing is worse for your skin than a long cold winter; low humidity and a constant stream of central heating has left us feeling less than bright, thus a removal of dead skin is essential. As with your skin, sometimes life can become dull, people flaky and leaving you itching to make a change. Exfoliation allows us to prepare for the next stage in our routine – whatever that may be, (literally and metaphorically) scrub away!

2) Check the expiration dates

*Takes a deep breathe* approach your make up dresser, drawer, bag, or space on the floor by the mirror – whatever it may be and check your products expiry dates. Old make up can be a hindrance for your skin and as much as we want to hold on we need to let go. This brings me to relationships. Embrace the people who enable you to think and act properly! Your transformation into the butterfly should be made in collaboration with like minded people, those that see the best in you, that inspire you and for whom your success is a triumph and not something to belittle or best; no-one needs a frenemy when you’re trying to live your best life. You can and should shed toxic relationships at any time of year but it’s during a spring clean you can determine who and what is aligned to your purpose.

3) Declutter

So the traditional main tenet of spring cleaning is to in fact clear out and as someone who is a prisoner to procrastination by deep clean, decluttering brings an oasis of calm that I only compare to getting the job I have been distracted from done in the first place. Decluttering our space is important but more so is decluttering our minds. Those bad thoughts, bad habits, and unresolved issues need to be banished but first they need to be addressed.

Organise your head space, allotting the necessary time needed to each of your thoughts. Trying to tackle a million and one things is like having multiple tabs open on internet explorer: you will crash.

And so, repeat after me: ‘If it doesn’t nourish my soul, get rid of it.’

Written By Bianca.M

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