As part of our month of Self Love we meet Michelle Roques O’Neil named by Vogue as one of Britain’s Top Aromatherapists to gain insight on why aromatherapy is so beneficial. Michelle Roques O’Neil is highly inspiring and a strong advocate of the powerful healing potential of aromatherapy. Her innovative… View Post

The term self love has become increasingly popular in society in current years. Related to pampering and wellbeing, self love is a lot more than just physical activities. It is self-appreciation through our behaviour, which supports us emotionally and spiritually. Self-love is progressive, and needs to be constantly practiced for… View Post

Summer’s officially over, with temperatures dipping low and winter peeking just around the corner. It’s time to think about switching your current skincare routine for a more hydrating routine throughout the winter. With most of us taking frequent steamy showers and hiking up the temperatures on our indoor heating in… View Post

We’ve all had that morning when you’ve tapped your snooze alarm to get in a few minutes of precious sleep and as a result woken up frantically to realise that you’ve had to sacrifice your skin regime. Having dull and tired skin is not an option when you’ve got that… View Post

We all take pride in looking after the skin especially on our face, with most of us investing in premium skincare products with active ingredients as a preventative method for ageing and skin damage. We understand moisturising with body creams, butters and lotions in the warm weather can be challenging.… View Post