Sugar, oh honey honey! You are my candy girl and you’ve got me wanting you. At MINTD we cannot get enough of the sweet stuff! This golden elixir is just as likely to be in your skincare as it is a part of your breakfast table. From DIY buffs to… View Post

Rose are red, Violets are blue, Gift me a dozen, I want them in my skincare too! Who doesn’t like to be presented with a gorgeous bunch of roses?! Now a popular ingredient in skincare, roses have superseded their pride of place in the garden to the dressing table. But… View Post

We are big fans of Sunday Riley over here at MINTD and long may that continue with the Ceramic Slip cleanser. Made with French green clay to draw out impurities, vitamin C to reduce the appearance of discolouration and stimulate collagen production, this is a multifaceted cleanser which in the… View Post

Oh I do like to be besides the seaside! And with the advent of summer, whether home or abroad, we should have more exposure to benefits that come with sunshine, breeze and sea water. The benefits of such a combination can often be anecdotal but have you ever wondered why… View Post

Short haul, long haul, protect your skin on board. Flying can cause massive stress to our skin but it is often a necessary evil in our quest for summer solace. As mentioned there are things you can do before, during and after your flight to minimise adverse effects to your… View Post