Save Your Skin On Long / Short Haul Flight


Long haul, short haul and everything in-between , there is no escaping it, cabin air is not conducive to great looking skin. Fear not, there are things we can do pre, in and post flight to start our holidays on the best foot.

Prep, prep and prep

The old adage goes ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.’ The same goes for your skincare when flying. The night before you fly, as well as last minute packing, should include skin exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells and allow skin to absorb moisture applied.

What you eat before you board can be a game changer. When going long haul rest is key so you want to watch out for foods that can be disruptive to that such as coffee and alcohol and those containing high amounts of sugar.

Fresh face

As much as we would like to do full face glam, given the conditions it’s not an ideal start for your skin in cabin if it’s caked with makeup. Not everyone is comfortable enough to go completely bare faced so a change in products is needed. Apply a tinted moisturiser or BB cream as opposed to foundation and keep it fresh with a facial sprits.

Comfort over high fashion

Unless you’re turning left on that flight and going straight into fashion week upon landing, comfort over couture is the way to go. Wearing anything restrictive affects circulation which is already at a disadvantage in a pressurised cabin. Feeling comfortable is going to aid restfulness and as such you’ll look and feel better in the arrivals hall.


We cannot stress enough the benefits of water generally, but especially when air bound. In the cabin, with high pressured, re-circulated air, it should be of no surprise that your skin is going to dry out. Subsequently, our bodies lose moisture too so it’s essential that we replenish with lots of water. Keeping hydrated throughout the flight can also help combat that dreaded jet lag. Finally, consuming water in collaboration with a hydrating lip balm/serum means no dry flaky lips!


30,000ft in the air brings us greater exposure to UV rays so SPF is key. Once we step off the tarmac into those warmer and sunnier environments it’s important to prepare in advance so make topping up as much a part of your inflight routine as that slimline G&T or flick through the duty free mag.

With these measures you can start your holiday as you mean to go on, gorgeous and nourished, ready to accept a deep, lasting and glowing tan.

Written By: Bianca.M

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