This month we are wishing all of our subscribers a good night’s rest, tonight and every night. Insomnia, an inability to fall and/or stay asleep, is a killer (metaphorically and literally speaking) and so we want to ensure that the MINTD family is able to take advantage of a full night’s sleep. The GOODNIGHT box has been curated with sleep in mind, providing the tools t0 ensure that we are well rested, full of energy and ready to take on what’s expected of us and then some!

Whether you are a 8 hour dreamer or someone who struggles to get the hours you need but manages to keep it altogether (we salute you), we are glad that the skincare industry has taken note, not just on how integral sleep is to great skin but also our overall well-being. By creating products that aid sleep and aid our skin during sleep, we can rest that bit easier knowing we are in good hands.

It’s important to remember that ingredients in skincare cannot replace sleep but as stated earlier they can assist us in getting to and staying asleep whilst treating our skin in the process. Humans are all about the senses, the various floral notes and aromatherapy oils contained in the Sunday Riley Luna Oil (in this months box) provide gorgeous scents that when  massaged into the skin just before bed will create a feeling of bliss that should carry you off into the land of nod.

One of the core ingredients in the Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oil is ylang ylang is known for reducing stress and anxiety. After a long day, this combination of ylang ylang and lavender will help you unwind.

Amly’s Beauty Sleep Mist is a winner in the fight against fatigued skin. It’s two thronged approach works to promote natural sleep using aromatherapy and boost the production of collagen, creating youthful new skin and repairing the damage undergone by skin.

Last but not least, this month’s box contains the sold out, Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher. We cannot state enough the importance of a great bedtime skincare routine, your skin has been through  a lot during the day and it’s before bed that we get the chance to restore some order. The natural pumice in the facial polisher exfoliates dead skin cells, allowing for the generation of glowing skin whilst you sleep.

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Written By: Bianca. M

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