Tips On Pre-flight, In-flight & Post-flight Skincare

No matter the journey time the best way to prepare for any flight is to think of the feat in 3 easy to manage stages: pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight. Pre-flight is the time to remove existing impurities so that we can board with fresh skin, diminishing the effects of onboard nasties. A mineral rich treatment or mask will do just the trick! In-flight, we are battling moisture loss and is it any wonder when the gentleman in seat 36C has fallen asleep with his air con on full blast and in a south-westerly direction right into your face, great! Before you board apply a nourishing face cream or serum, something like the daily radiance moisturiser in the Om skincare mindful traveller duo is going to work wonders and conveniently fits into your carry on. The mindful traveller duo is going to come in handy post-flight too, wake your skin up with pure glow cleanser, another deep cleansing treatment followed by the moisturiser to banish that undesired post flight complexion.

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Written By Bianca.M Photo Credit: Amelia Liana

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