Top Tips To Combat Troubled Skin

With the weather getting warmer, and the thought of flowing cream summer dresses and ocean views become more apparent, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your skin acting up. We want you to have full confidence in showing off your beauty this season with makeup, and without, and therefore have devised these tips to help get you on the path of combating trouble skin.

In order to win this battle, we have to understand the origin of the problem. Breakouts can occur for a number of reasons and hence it is important to be vigilant and seek advice on what is causing your acne. For many women, hormonal imbalance, Cushing syndrome or Polycystic ovary syndrome are among the health conditions that can cause acne. Stress and diet are also major factors to which contribute to acne as well. Paying attention to how your treat your skin, and personal hygiene goes a long way in combating acne.

 1) Exfoliate using chemicals such as alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, instead of physically abrasive scrubs and exfoliates can help to prevent and reduce the irritation and redness caused by friction of the granules, as this will the re-occurence of scarring and acne, due to spread of bacteria.

(2) Use products containing retinol and salicylic acid to help prevent acne. If you would prefer an organic option, essential oils such as tea tree oil and peppermint oil work wonders in preventing acne and curing existing spots.

(3) Avoid over or harshly washing your face, instead use gentle methods of cleaning, such as cotton pad, flannel or facial brush with a soft head in order to deep clean without irritation. Also, avoid using cleansers or facial washes that contain alcohol, as this will strip your skin of natural oils resulting in more acne.

(4) For oily skin, do not skip moisturiser instead, use a lightweight water based moisturiser and apply right after cleansing whilst face is still damp, this will all the product to penetrate and absorb into the skin instantly.

(5) Lighten up your makeup by reducing how much you apply to your face. The less you use, the less chance you have of clogging your pores and which could cause further acne. In the warmer month’s avoid leaving makeup on the face for long periods, as this can cause your makeup to melt which can lead to a breakout.

(6) Remember to keep skin hydrated day and night to prevent dryness and recurring acne. Using light oils  overnight such as Vitamin E oil can help repair skin during breakout and fade scarring in time.


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