Why The Rose Quartz Roller Deserves A Spot In Your Beauty Arsenal

This month we road tested the Rose Quartz Facial Roller from Omorovicza and it is difficult to think back to a time when this hand carved beauty tool was not a part of our skin care routine.

Crystals have long been accredited with healing properties, rose quartz being most commonly associated with skin care benefits. We have all subjected ourselves to the weird and wonderful in the pursuit of beautiful, taut, blemish free skin, so the idea of applying healing crystal is one of the least bizarre.

The roller smooths fine lines and wrinkles whilst contouring the face. The act of rolling rose quartz against the face is said to aid lymphatic draining which in turn reduces puffiness and soothes the skin. As part of your regular skin routine Omorovicza’s facial roller will help will:

Stimulating collagen production
Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Reducing the size of pores
Improving the elasticity of skin
Soothing irritated and sensitive skin
Exercising facial muscles
Encourages product to be received deeply into skin

Rose quartz is an emotional healer often used to reduce anxiety and stress in the skin. The stone has been identified as reducing tension thus relaxing our facial expressions resulting in fewer lines in future.

This tool provides a non invasive and natural remedy to help battle the signs of ageing and worn skin.
Here’s to the healing power of crystals. 

Why not try the Rose Quartz Facial Roller from Omorovicza (£55) in this month’s edit?
Written By Bianca.M

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