During the gloomy winter months, it is easy to neglect your feet and not keep up essential maintenance. Lack of exfoliation and hydration, can cause feet to appear lack lustre and feel dry. However, if you are yearning to sport your new sandals and do not have the time for… View Post

Go Natural For decades, we have seen the importance nature plays in promoting healthy skin. This season we’ve decided to take things back to basics and indulge in natural ingredients for your face. Look out for ingredients in skincare such as Vitamin C & Vitamin A. As Vitamin A increases… View Post

As part of the upkeep and skin maintenance, we met with the woman behind the innovative brand Sarah Kugelman, Skyn ICELAND. Formulated using pure natural resources from the unique arctic climate of Iceland, her dynamic mineral-rich blends bring stability and nourishment to stressed skin for a youthful appearance. Sarah, formerly… View Post