With summer time in full swing, we meet with the founders of amazing oil-based skincare brand Rosalena. Helena and Maya, inspired by the concept of clean beauty, created holistic products that promote radiant and healthy looking skin. The products contain bio-actives and 100% plant based ingredients, making it suitable for… View Post

It is finally summertime, and we cannot wait to get outside in the glorious sun. New shades and denim shorts are all on our list, but is a good high-grade SPF sunscreen? It is essential to protect your skin this season, irrespective of where you find yourself. If your being… View Post

Whether heading to the warm exotic sands or for a quick city break, we have your beauty routine covered for the short/ long haul flight. It can be hard to look landing ready after hours of travelling, but our checklist will help you be prepared at all stages of your… View Post