With Winter on the way, a warming bath is what many of us will be longing for. Relax after a long day with an indulgent bath, with the Light Relax Bath & Shower oil and experience true tranquillity and restfulness.  Experience the gently relaxing and restful powers of Lavender, Ylang Ylang… View Post

Unfortunately in our current generation, it seems that many of us are constantly in action. Whether you’ve got a demanding job or obligations in your community, sometimes these responsibilities take centre stage. If you’re depriving yourself of sleep in the name of being productive, please reconsider. Sleep, as cliche as… View Post

With its amazing soothing powers, lavender oil has the ability to comfort the body and soul.The distinct mellow scent of Lavender has been scientifically proven help induce sleep. By using lavender oil on your body or putting it on your bedding, it can help calm your senses for a good… View Post

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Yes, we’ve all said it before after a draining day at work, “As soon as I get home I am having an early night”. Then alternatively find ourselves binge watching episodes on Netflix or taking hours getting the kids ready for bed. Sound familiar? Well, we have a few tips… View Post