You spent weeks meticulously planning, bookmarking the best deals, carefully deciding which bikinis you’d wear to the pool, beach, boat party, the excursions you’d go on and captions to match those to die for instagram posts. You soldiered the 4am alarm and Heathrow Express to make your way to paradise… View Post

We’ve been so careful, prepping our skin for summer, sun and travel, aided by our trusted curators MINTD. But as certain as the sky is blue, our skin will have inevitably undergone some damage these summer months. So in a continuous effort to keep that damage to a bare minimum,… View Post

Sugar, oh honey honey! You are my candy girl and you’ve got me wanting you. At MINTD we cannot get enough of the sweet stuff! This golden elixir is just as likely to be in your skincare as it is a part of your breakfast table. From DIY buffs to… View Post