4 Tips To Get Healthy Skin

Go Natural

For decades, we have seen the importance nature plays in promoting healthy skin. This season we’ve decided to take things back to basics and indulge in natural ingredients for your face. Look out for ingredients in skincare such as Vitamin C & Vitamin A. As Vitamin A increases cell formation and helps to reform the surface of the skin, enhances your skin’s complexion and texture. Vitamin C increase collagen production, helps to prevent ageing and wrinkles in the skin & improves dull, dry & dehydrated skin.

Double up

As the weather gets warmer it is evident that use of SPF and products such as setting powders and sprays are going to be a daily practice. Even though cleansing your face twice initially may sound excessive, it is a key step to removing product residue and dirt properly. The first cleanse will help remove make up and surface dirt. The second cleanse should help deep clean your pores to prevent clogging and nourish the skin. We advise using a gentle cleanser that cleans without removing your natural oils.

Choose Multitasking Moisturisers 

Don’t forget to moisturise. Many cleansers, especially foamy face cleansers, can easily strip your skin of natural oils and therefore it’s important to replenish & hydrate your skin to replace the moisturise. Start by picking a moisturiser that will work with your skin type, which will nourish, hydrate and protect your skin.We recommend looking out for ingredients that are plant based as this will penetrate the skin better & will enhance your skin Use skincare products that contain SPF as it’s essential especially in the warmer months to prevent skin damage.

Stay Light

The truth is that more makeup will lead to more problems. For healthy skin, reducing your makeup use can help improve your skin’s complexion and texture. Products such as oil-based heavy duty foundations can easily clog pores over time and cause blemishes. Ensure you are wear makeup when you have to, but also give your skin a chance to breath. Wearing makeup for less than 8 hours will help prevent recurring breakout, always remember to remove your makeup efficiently and throughly at the end of the day. 


Written By Melanie.C