Annually we approach January with a critical eye on the areas of our life that could and should be improved. Just like new year’s resolutions, so we should approach our beauty regimes and ideals; with a critical eye and with improvement of self in mind.

  1. 1.Natural beauty

This year we are going against the grain, shunning unattainable beauty standards and embracing a fresh face. 2018 taught us that even those that set the standard in terms of beauty put in work to create a look millions seek to replicate. Make-up, no matter how skilfully applied, will cause your pores to rebel if you don’t give them a break every once in a while. Opting for something lighter such a BB cream or tinted moisturiser will give you coverage without being suffocating.

2 Know your skin

It’s a lot easier to love the skin you’re in when you know what triggers bad behaviour and what will accentuate the good. We all know the basics (cleanse and moisturise twice a day) but a skin care regime is quickly going to become obsolete if it’s not geared towards YOUR specific skin needs. Learn what works for you and when you do maintain; maintenance is half the battle.

3 Get more sleep

There is no product in the world that is going to be able to counteract the effects of a poor sleep pattern. Rest, so foreign to many of us, is nature’s best defence against a myriad of ills. The truth of the matter is they don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason! It’s at night that our body has a chance to repair and that includes our skin.

4 Your bedtime routine is just as important as your morning routine

No matter how long your day has been, how dark it is outside, or how much your freshly laundered sheets are beckoning you to bed, a nighttime routine is just as important as the one you complete first thing in the morning. Your skin goes through a lot during the day, from an onslaught of UV rays to battling pollutants, so be sure to cleanse away the day and replenish skin so that it has a fighting chance when you’re asleep.

5 Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, one thing remains constant and that is that water is going to be a key ingredient for beautifying your body. Take care of your skin from the inside out; dehydration manifests itself in many ways including dry, dull skin and dark circles. Water also enables the body to flush out toxins resulting in healthy glow.

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