You spent weeks meticulously planning, bookmarking the best deals, carefully deciding which bikinis you’d wear to the pool, beach, boat party, the excursions you’d go on and captions to match those to die for instagram posts. You soldiered the 4am alarm and Heathrow Express to make your way to paradise and in the blink of an eye *POOF* you’re back in a lacklustre office with the air con battering what is left of your sun kissed glow. How could it be that something so long in the making is torn away so quickly leaving us firmly back down here on planet earth. The holiday blues have well and truly set in, but, it’s okay! We are going to guide you through some time trusted coping mechanisms for when real life gets a bit too much.

  1. Document your holiday. That is photos, journalling, drawing – let your creative juices runneth over. The great thing about creating these tangible assets of your holiday is that you have them to refer back to. It’s bitter sweet but I know that I would much rather be able to place myself firmly back on a hammock in the Algarve than listen to my boss harp on about Love Island (I lied I can do both, but I prefer the former).
  2. What is it about home that is making you blue? Yes, holidays are great and a means of suspending ourselves from everyday reality but if you are dreading coming back home, could there be something more to it? Work, relationships, a crisis of confidence? It could be time to reset some boundaries. This doesn’t need to be confrontational, making small and manageable changes can make all the difference. You are the architect of your life and happiness, taking ourselves out of our normal routines can allow us the head space to come back and regain control in our lives.
  3. Love your home! This is advice for before you go and when you get back. There is nothing worse than coming back home to things left undone and in the chaos of getting yourself flight ready it can be easy to whisper that dreaded phrase ‘I’ll do it when I get back.’ Future you, that is you that has decided to pack it all in and open a bar on the beach in Barbados and leave the rat race behind, no she is going to be even more underwhelmed by the prospect of going home when she realises the bedding hasn’t been changed and the washing is still in the sink. Leave home as you wish to find it, welcoming and relaxing, you’ve had respite, you do not want to come back to chaos. Once back, sprinkle home with bits of your holiday. Photos or trinkets from where you’ve been will keep those memories alive.

Finally, you know what they say, the best way to get over a holiday is to book another one!

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