Beautifully Rested: The Importance of Sleep

Unfortunately in our current generation, it seems that many of us are constantly in action. Whether you’ve got a demanding job or obligations in your community, sometimes these responsibilities take centre stage. If you’re depriving yourself of sleep in the name of being productive, please reconsider. Sleep, as cliche as it sounds, is paramount in you being effective and productive whiles working. By giving you insight to the psychological benefits of sleep, we hope to encourage you to be more protective over your resting hours.

Strengthen your Memory

The relationship between sleep and memory is rather unique. For your mind to take in new information and retain it, there are three stages that occur:

Acquisition: The receiving of new information
Consolidation: The storage of information
Recall: The ability to retrieve from your memory.

Sleep plays a key role in the effectiveness of each stage. Sleep, particularly rapid eye movement (R.E.M.) sleep,  is how your body stores information to your long term memory. By depriving yourself of sleep,  you are damaging your ability to effectively take in and retain new information.

Sharpen your attention

When you are well rested, your mind has had time to reboot and prepare for your upcoming activities. Improve your attention span and productivity by ensuring you are sleeping for the required amount of hours. By resting, your body will become more alert when you are awake, enabling you to be able to have quicker reaction times and think more effectively.

Calm your Mind

Lack of sleep is a major trigger for mental condition such as depression and anxiety. If you are a sufferer of one or both of these mentioned conditions, having a good sleeping routine can help. By sleeping well regularly, you are effortlessly strengthening  your emotional stability.

We hope these practices will motivate you to cherish your rest, and allow to benefit from all the rewards that a good night’s sleep has to offer.

Written By: Melanie. C