At MINTD Box we love discovering and introducing our lovely subscribers to the latest entrants to the skincare market and this time is no exception. We are pleased to welcome to the hot seat for a quick-fire round of questioning Lune Martens, founder of the vegan friendly skincare brand dedicated… View Post

Look on the top shelf of any self-respecting dermatologist or skincare oracle and you will spot retinol products. However, caution should be applied when introducing it to our skin care routines. It is a powerful product, and so with great power comes great responsibility. Part of that includes patience. It… View Post

It should come as little to no surprise that the last 6-8 months has impacted the way we sleep from sleeping less, to sleeping more, having vivid dreams to disturbed sleep and unsettled sleeping patterns. We have had it all going on.  One of the main culprits behind our unusual… View Post

Summer just isn’t the same this year and our skin is feeling the effects of a distinct lack of vitamin D. Tired and lacklustre doesn’t do justice to the way we are feeling at the moment; a combination of lockdown, limitations on forward planning and if you are UK based,… View Post

We are currently experiencing a change to our daily lives that we could not have begun to imagine just a few weeks ago. The ongoing global pandemic has meant that many of us have had to transform our personal spaces into work spaces, blurring the lines between the beginning and… View Post