Currently Under The Influence Of Oils

Essential oils have been used for nearly 6000 years. From their inception to the present day they have been used for spiritual, therapeutic, hygienic and ritualistic purposes.

What better ritual is there than self care. An observance that should be carried out daily with the knowledge that you are enough, you are worthy and you are deserving. The use of essential oils can be an aid in regular self care, promoting feelings of psychological and physical wellbeing.

There is no doubt that in order to stay relevant for 15 minutes let alone 6 millennia that aromatherapy must have its benefits.  Aromatherapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils and other aroma compounds for promoting relaxation and relieving stress.

The benefits of aromatherapy include:

  • fighting cold and flu symptoms (essential in the last of these winter months)
  • relax the body and mind (in the hustle and bustle of every  modern day life, a time out is exactly what you need and deserve)
  • boost energy levels (because sometimes a vitamin D supplement just won’t cut it)
  • reduce anxiety (calming and uplifting effects)
  • balance hormones (counteract the effects of stress and toxic chemicals – the two biggest attributors to hormone imbalance)
  • heal skin conditions (powerful antioxidants)
  • induce sleep (calm the nerves, sedate the mind, and relieve anxiety and depression)


Written By Bianca.M

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