Hacks To Good Night’s Sleep

Yes, we’ve all said it before after a draining day at work, “As soon as I get home I am having an early night”. Then alternatively find ourselves binge watching episodes on Netflix or taking hours getting the kids ready for bed. Sound familiar? Well, we have a few tips to make your hours of rest more beneficial. With these tips, you will be able to feel rested and refreshed each morning.

Lights out

If you’re finding yourself struggling to get a full night’s sleep, start by powering down all your devices. Bright light is the most common trigger for our brains to stay awake and alert. By putting aside devices at least 60 minutes before bed, you are helping your brain prepare for sleep. To further facilitate sleep, ensure that your bedroom is dark. By wearing an eye mask or closing the curtains, you are sending the correct signal to your brain to remain at rest.

Clear your Mind

Many of us due to the nature of our jobs or family lives, constantly find ourselves thinking about a millions things throughout the day. If you are the type that starts to ponder about anything and everything in bed at night, then this tip is for you. Clearing your mind is very important and helps prepare your body for rest. By writing down things you have to do or are worrying about, or even expressing them over dinner is a great way to clear your mental space.

Calm your body

Try preparing your mind and body for sleep by practicing meditation before bed. This is a good form of relaxation that will help you unwind before bedtime. If that is not really your style, another alternative is aromatherapy. The scent of lavender is known for its power to promote deep sleep. A few sniffs before bedtime, or even  having the scent on your bedding or as a candle can help your senses relax before bed.

We hope these tips will help you have a great night’s sleep, and give your a renewed mind to take on your day.

Written By: Melanie. C