It’s no secret that the MINTD team love a good super ingredient, and whilst halloween may be a long way off, September’s autumnal vibes have led us to stumble across pumpkin. We might be more familiar with it featuring in our high street coffee but pumpkin is making waves in the beauty industry and it’s being revered for its benefits in skincare.

Pumpkin is an all rounder, meaning that it is for all skin types, so if you’re oily, dry, combination or sensitive, we all get in on a piece of the pie!

Packed with vitamin C it is an effective antioxidant! The beta-carotene  in pumpkin aids in reversing the damage done by UV rays and leaves skin feeling smooth. It also promotes collagen production and skin elasticity. As we have battled through summer and get ready for temperatures to drop as winter is coming, its comforting to know that pumpkin can ease us through the transition and reverse some of the damage.

Pumpkin contains zinc, which if you are prone to acne, should be music to your ears. Zinc is proven to be effective against acne and since most people are deficient, this is one way to tame skin.

As with any seasonal transition it is important that we prep and preen our skin to be able to cope! So we exfoliate. Pumpkin contains natural enzymes that work to remove dead cells and leave smooth glowing skin – the beta carotene mentioned earlier gives pumpkin it’s orange tone and in people with olive/brown skin provides a golden glow!

So we’ll have a grande skinny pumpkin spiced latte and the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (included in this month’s box) please?!

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Written By: Bianca.M