Ingredient Spotlight: Papain Enzymes

We are sticklers for a super ingredient, looking at the ways in which we can incorporate ingredients and products safely and meaningfully into our skincare routines. This month we delved into the benefits of papain enzymes, which stem from the tropical fruit papaya; adding some sunshine to your life. 

What is papain?

Papain is a proteolytic enzyme extracted from the raw fruit of the papaya plant. Proteolytic enzymes help break proteins down into smaller protein fragments called peptides and amino acids. The enzymes work by breaking down the keratin protein to remove the dead skin cells, resulting in smoother skin and a more radiant complexion. Enzymes have also been reported to diminish scars, fine lines, age spots and discolouration of the skin. 

Benefits of papaya and papain enzymes

Papain is know as an anti-inflammatory agent, decreasing redness and swelling. 

The chymopapain and papain papaya contains have antibacterial and antifungal properties that help the skin exfoliate itself without being too harsh on it.

As above, papain is a great exfoliator: it works by breaking down the intracellular bonds in the skin, loosening the dead skin cells and debris. 

Papaya is an amazing source of Vitamin B and C and is naturally rich in Alpha-Hydroxyl Acids (AHAs) all of which are essential for glowing, healthy skin.

Papaya reverses the skin ageing owing to its skin repairing, exfoliating and hydrating action. Papain enzyme reduces wrinkles by modulating the collagen and elastic fibres in the skin. 

Papaya has a high number of healing enzymes that can also protect the skin against sun damage or treat existing sunburns. Great as we transition into the summer months. 

Papaya is rich in potassium, it hydrates the skin and prevents it from being dull looking. 

Written By: Bianca.M Photo Credit: LeBon.Oralcare

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