Meet The Founder Behind The Brand: MZ SKIN

The MINTD family are well known for enjoying a little glitz and glamour and what better time is there to glisten in gold than on our birthday. To commemorate our third birthday, we went all out with the Luminosity box which includes the sought after MZ Skin Hydra-lift Golden Facial Treatment! 

This month we had the pleasure of sitting with founder of MZ skin Dr Maryam Zamani. A facial aesthetics doctor and surgeon by trade, she has taken her experience to formulate great products that utilise science to bring out the best in your skin. She combines consistent daily routines with the right ingredients and formulations to create a skincare routine that works! Inspired by all the women she has come across in her career, her range is a doctor led brand created for women by a woman. 

So, whilst you apply your gold mask and bask in its richness, sit back and delve into the amazing story behind this brand, the science of skin and what tips Maryam has for us all when it comes to hydrated, gorgeous, youthful and most importantly, healthy glowing skin. 

How much time do you spend on beautifying yourself in the morning?

I bath and shower before bed so in the morning, it’s a quick 5 minutes in the bathroom. For skincare, I gently wash my face with MZ Skin Cleanse & Clarify, followed by my Brighten & Perfect 10% Vitamin C, my soon to launch Tint & Protect moisturizer with SPF 30.  Next steps are makeup- I love Tom Fords bronzer, a little Nars Orgasm Blush, Mascara, lip balm, quick brush of the hair or a pony tail and I get dressed.

What does your skincare routine entail?

So, I start the day as above always….and in the evening I take a bit more time.  I wash my face, sometimes I am trying new products in the range but generally, I run a warm bath with epsom salts, wash my face and then 2-3 times a week mask with either Cleanse & Clarify for about 10 minutes, Radiance and Renewal for 10-15 minutes or my Golden Facial mask.  Once out of the bath, I use MZ Skin replenish & Restore Mask to nourish the skin and plump with stem cells and placenta, a bit of Soothe & Smooth Eye cream and I am done!

Okay, so now that we know what you do to look great, how did the idea to help other women look their best come to you?

Well I think it was a natural progression really. I have always loved skincare since my teens when my mother would buy me Lancôme. It became part of my nightly ritual to relax. That continued through college and med school. By then sheseido was my go to skincare. I would study, workout, come home, shower, do my nightly skincare ritual, put on pretty underwear and pyjamas and go under my duvet.  Then I moved to London and doctor brands were starting to pop up. I started using them but felt disinterested as I felt I was medicating my face and it lost its ritual aspect. I then found natura bisse but working with my own chemist started creating my own formulas to supplement that routine. My husband was the one who put the idea into my head and said, well if you like it, then why don’t you try your own complete formulations. That was late 2013. In early 2014 I found a French formulator in London and together started making my creams. I would ask my patients and friends to try and tweaked them as I went along. That is how MZ Skin was born!  

What is your professional background and how has it inspired the range?

I am an oculoplastic surgeon, which means I do cosmetic and reconstructive surgery around the eyes and eyebrows.  After relocating to London, I had to wait for my credentials to transfer over and so I did a year of dermatology During this time, hyaluronic acid treatments were gaining popularity and I did several clinical studies on their use. That really fostered my belief that we shouldn’t just treat the problems and issues and hand but that we need to help prevent them. That’s fusion is why my practice is not just surgical but non-surgical as well. With various tweakments, we can delay the appearance of the ageing process.  

It’s amazing that you have been able to use your medical background to create MZ Skin. For you, what makes MZ Skin so unique?

MZ skin is a clean approach to medically back and scientifically supported formulations.  They are made by a woman doctor for women. MZ skin fuses the science with the sensory experience and I hope it makes the women who use it feel beautiful while doing something good for their skin. The principles are simple. Reveal, enhance and protect the skin. It’s made to be easy to use without too many steps. Perfect for the modern, educated woman who wants powerful actives but does not want to compromise on the beauty aspect. 

Reveal and prep skin with gently but effective cleansing and exfoliation. Enhance the skin with powerful actives to fight oxidative damage, promote collagen production and diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation for luminous, radiant skin. Using at home treatment regimens to bolster anything done at the doctor’s office. And to protect skin from

Pollutants and environmental aggressors. Simple, clean, effective skincare.  

I also made MZ skin with sustainability and environmental friendless in mind. Everything is made to be recyclable.

What are some of the most skin common issues you see when patients come into your practice?  

Most patients come in to see me because they look in the mirror and see a disconnect with how they feel and how they look.  They want to look refreshed without looking different. They want to do tweakments to give them the best skin they can have for their age. Most of all patients want to look radiant and fresh. Whether with meticulously placed injections of hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin, lasers to improve skin texture & skin luminosity or to erase signs of pigmentation, acne scarring or fine lines and wrinkles, tighten sagging skin or to create a better harmony of their face with treatments that may or may not include surgery.

What’s next for you? And how do you see MZ Skin evolving? 

I envision an ever evolving and growing business. I want a concise, precise range of products to target specific needs and concerns so customers and pick and choose depending on their skin concerns. But I want my skincare to be true to its ethos of clean, simple beauty rituals to reveal, enhance and protect the skin. The best routine is the one you can consistently do. It must be easy. I do think that at home treatments are the way forward in our ever-busy lifestyles and I hope to be able to deliver intelligent skincare to help along the way.

Written By: Bianca.M

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