Meet The Woman Behind The Brand: Roques O’Neil Therapie

As part of our month of Self Love we meet Michelle Roques O’Neil named by Vogue as one of Britain’s Top Aromatherapists to gain insight on why aromatherapy is so beneficial. Michelle Roques O’Neil is highly inspiring and a strong advocate of the powerful healing potential of aromatherapy. Her innovative products are inspired by this concept, based on her knowledge on the influence aromatherapy has on the physical and emotional dynamic of the body. After featuring her multidimensional blends and treatment the Equilibrium Shower &  Bath Essence in our box we felt that the her message was one that would be impactful to many.

How does aromatherapy impact us emotionally?

“Aromatherapy oils work very strongly with the limbic centre of the brain, it is strongly connected to smell receptors in the nose and feedback is received via the Olfactory organ. The limbic area is where we store a lot of our emotional memories, the oils will often evoke an immediate response from this system.”

What inspires the creation of your products?

“I am an observer of life and people, my work as a therapist informs me daily with regards to what the general preoccupations, needs and fears are. When I create a product it is always with both the physical imbalance and the emotional need that I strive to support. It’s a very complex and multilayered process. It’s not just about the surface issues its actually about the underlying patterns.”

How important do you think this form of pampering is to our daily lives?

“I think it’s essential, rewarding yourself is a way of saying you are important. It helps you to acknowledge a victory or an emotional disappointment -it makes you reconnect with yourself at a very fundamental level through touch and nurture.”

What are the best ingredients that aid in stress?

“Wow, there are many but it does depend on the root of the stress as that will determine how you treat it. Whether it’s fear, fatigue, frustration or control, all require specialist care. Lavender obviously, Frankincense, Neroli, Sweet Orange and Vetiver are a few.”

Do you believe that this holistic form of therapy should be given more attention?

“Yes definitely, it’s something I’m very passionate about. How can you place high expectations on yourself when you might be running on an empty tank? Trying to constantly preform without acknowledgement that your body needs care. You wouldn’t get in a car to do a long journey without checking the fuel gauge, oil, water & electrics. Better to be full and nourished, than empty and needy. This means there is no condition attached to anything you do, you are fulfilling it for yourself. Rather than constantly fixing the external elements of life make time for you, you’ll be amazed at how much more time, joy and energy you’ll have.”

Wish to experience Michelle Roque O’Neil’s comforting & healing remedies, learn more about the Equilibrium Shower & Bath Essence, now available in our Self Love Box.

     Photo Credit: Elisabeth Rilatt


Written By: Melanie.C

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