With the hassle of everyday life and the continuous need to be paying attention to a million things, it is easy to get overwhelmed and feel defeated. As part of your self-love journey, stress is a hurdle that you need to learn to overcome. In order to do this, we… View Post

As an award-wining renowned celebrity facialist turned innovative skincare pioneer, Su-Man is the inspirational force behind ageless beauty for her clients. Her eastern and western influences are evident in her exquisite skin care products, guaranteed to cleanse, rejuvenate and purify the skin for a lasting youthful appearance. Years of professional… View Post

The bitter cold & winds of winter has definitely taken its toll, leaving our skin feeling a little dull and dryer than we would prefer. The good news is that this unfortunate condition can quite easily reversed, start prepping your skin for the sunnier days ahead with a few easy… View Post

As part of our month of Self Love we meet Michelle Roques O’Neil named by Vogue as one of Britain’s Top Aromatherapists to gain insight on why aromatherapy is so beneficial. Michelle Roques O’Neil is highly inspiring and a strong advocate of the powerful healing potential of aromatherapy. Her innovative… View Post

The term self love has become increasingly popular in society in current years. Related to pampering and wellbeing, self love is a lot more than just physical activities. It is self-appreciation through our behaviour, which supports us emotionally and spiritually. Self-love is progressive, and needs to be constantly practiced for… View Post