This month’s ingredient analysis is focussed firmly on lactic acid. We are used to seeing acids as key ingredients in skincare products but it can be tricky deciphering between the varieties and the benefits that they bring in their usage.  Lactic acid is typically used to treat dull and uneven… View Post

  Hydration, hydration, hydration… It may feel as though we labour the point but it’s only because we care about you and your skin. Hydration is key to happy and healthy, smooth, soft and clear skin. The outermost later of skin requires moisture in order to flush toxins and deliver… View Post

At MINTD Box we get ample opportunities to collaborate with innovative and inspiring brands with founders that go against the grain to create great products that we wonder how we possibly managed without them previously. That is exactly the case with Albiva’s founder Ivana Iesini. Her range unleashes the body’s… View Post

Look on the top shelf of any self-respecting dermatologist or skincare oracle and you will spot retinol products. However, caution should be applied when introducing it to our skin care routines. It is a powerful product, and so with great power comes great responsibility. Part of that includes patience. It… View Post

It should come as little to no surprise that the last 6-8 months has impacted the way we sleep from sleeping less, to sleeping more, having vivid dreams to disturbed sleep and unsettled sleeping patterns. We have had it all going on.  One of the main culprits behind our unusual… View Post