We’ve been so careful, prepping our skin for summer, sun and travel, aided by our trusted curators MINTD. But as certain as the sky is blue, our skin will have inevitably undergone some damage these summer months. So in a continuous effort to keep that damage to a bare minimum, we need to implement a post holiday/sun regime. Whilst minimising the damage there are also measure that we can take to revitalise and reinvigorate our skin, such is the beauty of cell renewal!

Cleanse and hydrate. Nobody likes a dirty tan! To ensure that your complexion is at its best, cleansing in the morning and at night are imperative. A light, non abrasive cleanser will ensure that your glow lasts whilst keeping skin baddies at bay. Followed up by a long lasting and nourishing moisturiser will ensure that your skin looks dewy and sun kissed long after you have hit the tarmac.

Exfoliate. Just as the sun giveth, it taketh away, and on this occasion it may be a whole lot of moisture. If your skin is feeling tight it could be as a result of dead skin cells, so scrub away. A gentle exfoliant is best practice after a long course of vitamin D, not only because of the sensitivity of your skin but also as a means of maintaining your holiday glow, we don’t want to scrub away that hard earned tan.

Diet. Just as we advised on eating your SPF pre-holiday, it is integral that you look after yourself inside and out on return. You may have encountered the Dubai stone from the sheer amount of brunches or went overboard on the all inclusive package but the great thing about being home is that you have the ability to implement some structure into your life and habits. Food has been proven to be linked to our moods, so let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food. It’s amazing what a balanced diet can do for your skin and peace of mind.

Written By Bianca.M

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