The Power Of Positivity

A lot of us will be seeking out ways to be more positive in our thoughts and the way we live out our lives. Developing and maintaining a positive mindset requires us to be intentional with the way we think. 

The benefit to our overall health and wellbeing once we adopt the power of positivity is that we reduce the chances of developing stress related disorders whilst improving our overall mood and confidence. 

We have set out some tips below for gaining and retaining a positive mindset. 

Start your day with a positive affirmation 

Positive affirmations can help us to overcome self sabotage and negative thoughts. Repetition is the mother of skill: when we repeat positive affirmations, we begin to believe them and with that comes positive changes to our lives resulting in positive outcomes. 

Highlight the good things, even if they’re small

We have a tendency to overlook the daily and often small wins we achieve in our lives. We take for granted the fact that because something has become intuitive for us that it was once hard to do. Take stock of your day and what went well, give yourself a pat on the back for reducing your to do list or for deciding you need to take some time out, show yourself some appreciation. 

Every failure is an opportunity to learn 

People aren’t perfect and every so often we are going to make mistakes, big and small. We shouldn’t set out to live our lives in a way that we fear making mistakes or failing. Failure can be fruitful ground for learning and some of the most successful people operate on the basis of failing fast. It is by failing that we learn what not to do and so refine processes towards successful outcomes. We can’t know something until we try and the fear of failure should not hold you back, so pivot your thinking to see these stumbling blocks as opportunities to learn. 

Be intentional with your words

How we speak to ourselves and others has a lasting effect long after the words have been said. There may be times where we have to communicate things that aren’t so great but that shouldn’t come at the expense of someone’s feelings (your own included). Learn to be intentional with the words you choose and how you share them. 

Positive Circles 

Surrounding yourself with people who have a positive approach to life will inevitably have an effect (positive, we hope) on how you see the world, challenges and opportunities. Friends, family and co-workers will form part of your spheres of influence, be sure to have employ reciprocity in your relationships, that is to give what you wish to receive and vice versa.

Live in the moment 

As we get older it can seem as though life passing us by. Whether it’s what we perceive we should have achieved by a certain age or comparisons to our friends, it can be difficult to appreciate our own lives. Anxieties over the future and negative emotions over past events prevent us from focusing on the present. Focusing on individual moments can help us to be more present and as such find joy in the here and now.

Written By: Bianca.M Instagram Photo Credit: @Goldenbarbie