Vitamin C in Skincare

If you’ve recently been shopping for skincare you’ve probably spotted skincare products which include or feature Vitamin C as a main ingredient. Now you are probably wondering what can Vitamin C really do for my skin? Well, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which can treat multiple skin concerns.

This beneficial ingredient in skincare provides potent antioxidant protection, helps to shield skin from sun damage & pollution, all of which can promote premature ageing on a daily basis.

Investing in skincare products which incorporate Vitamin C will do the following for your skin:

  • Keep you looking younger for longer
  • Your skin will look firmer as Vitamin C boosts healthy collagen production
  • Reduces inflammation & irritation
  • Fades blemishes, reduces the appearance of brown spots and any other sun damage
  • Increases the effectiveness of your sunscreen as it boosts your skin’s defense against UV exposure

Let’s help you incorporate this new ingredient into your skincare regimen. Here’s some of our favourite skincare products which contain Vitamin C.

Trish McEvoy- Even Skin Vitamin C Cream - The overnight moisturiser works to reduce sun damage and wrinkles whilst you sleep. This creamy moisturiser includes 10% concentration of Vitamin C to improve radiance & increase collagen.


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