Why Living In The Moment Is So Important

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.’

When unearthing the power of positivity, one of our key take aways was living in the moment:

“As we get older it can seem as though life passing us by. Whether it’s what we perceive we should have achieved by a certain age or comparisons to our friends, it can be difficult to appreciate our own lives. Anxieties over the future and negative emotions over past events prevent us from focusing on the present. Focusing on individual moments can help us to be more present and as such find joy in the here and now. “

Living in the moment is one of life’s biggest hacks, but not necessarily one that is so easy to implement.

Living in the moment requires a focus on the here and now. There can be a number of external and internal forces that prevent us from doing this. Creating an environment where we can focus in on the task at hand is a form of mindfulness. If you have a deadline or you’re stuck on a particular task, removing distractions can help us get across the finish line. 

Paying attention to the little things as well as life’s big events helps us to cultivate a positive mindset. When we demonstrate appreciation and gratitude that has a continuing influence on how we act and how we engage with others. 

And it isn’t just about the things we have achieved. How often do you give thanks for the people in your life, for the person you are and the life you have manifested? Acknowledging how good we have it (even if there is room for improvement in areas) when we feel it is a way of acknowledging the present and the gifts it holds. 

Anxieties about the future can cause us to worry about things that haven’t and may not ever happen. Telling yourself not to worry is easier said than done but by worrying we waste time in the present. Instead focus on what you can do and change now. Taking time to improve your current situation is time better spent than worrying about the future. 

As well as learning not to worry about the future, we must learn to let go of the past. Holding on to past hurt and traumas can become damaging. Yes, there are lessons that we should retain from our past but that doesn’t mean reliving the moment, the hurt, the trauma over and over again, once is enough. 

Forever is composed of nows, learn to embrace the present.

Written By: Bianca M. Photo Credit: Chrissy Teigen