Why You Need Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Sunday Riley never disappoint when it comes to skincare. Known for combining high tech innovation and wholesome natural ingredients, they are renowned for products that have an immediate and long last effect and this time is no different. For those of us that are sleep deprived (a staggering third of the UK population suffers from insomnia), this oil goes quite the distance when battling the signs of a not so great nights sleep and we aren’t just talking those tote sized eye bags!

This oil combines super foods, flowers and oils to create a product that sounds as good as it feels: extra virgin, cold pressed avocado oil; English chamomile oil; cold pressed chia oil; and ylang ylang oil amongst others, this formula is scrumptious and most definitely a treat for your skin after a long day facing the elements. We recommend applying a few drops to clean skin right before bed, the scent of the oil and the act of  massaging it into your skin will be enough to send you into slumber.

The Luna Oil includes retinol and blue tansy which harbour anti-inflammatory properties and such reduce redness and aid in the elimination of skin stress such as wrinkles and fine lines. Combatting the signs of ageing, this oil goes to town on skin troubles including eczema and acne. It’s suitable for all skin types so whether you are oily, dry or combination, this oil guarantees smooth, revitalised and youthful skin.

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Written By: Bianca.M