Your Guide To Self Love 

The term self love has become increasingly popular in society in current years. Related to pampering and wellbeing, self love is a lot more than just physical activities. It is self-appreciation through our behaviour, which supports us emotionally and spiritually. Self-love is progressive, and needs to be constantly practiced for growth to occur. In the modern world, the stress of life and constant need to engage, has allowed many of us to overlook the importance of self love, deeming it as a secondary or tertiary want.

To practice self love efficiently, we have devised four easy tips to help you on your journey;

Acceptance: To fully appreciate ourselves as the wonderful beings that we are, there is a need to accept ourselves entirely. Whether it is your quirky freckles or apple body shape, there is power in acknowledging your insecurities. We need to become mindful of our strengths and our shortcomings and own it. This realisation will allow you to make informed decisions and impact your daily behaviours more positively. Spending time alone will allow you to analyse your thought process, and reflect on behaviours. By doing this you can detect areas that need improvement, and plan your recovery.

Set boundaries: To practice self love the need to protect our happiness and wellbeing is paramount. Whether it’s taking time off work or the kinds for a spa day or making new friends, creating positive experiences is good for you. Each decision, good or bad should be analysed based on the potential impact it may have on us as a whole. Surrounding ourselves with people and activities that are uplifting, is what will encourage growth. This could mean making hard decisions in the present, with substantial benefit in the future. It is not selfish to consider ourselves too, and hence do not feel guilty for protecting yourself even if it may not make you popular.

Practice Self Care: When we begin to show more compassion towards ourselves we are making progress on our journey. Take time out for yourself; indulge in the things that make you feel good. Even if it’s simplistic such as a pampering bath or soothing face mask before bed, it’s the little things that make us feel special. Nourishing your mind and body with a healthy lifestyle and positivity will bring great fulfilment.

Live Intentionally: Life really is too short to be hung up on failures. As you grow in self love the need to view downfalls as lessons is very important. Instead of beating ourselves up over occurrences, there should be an inner desire to see the lesson within. This allows you to take control and begin to live life with purpose, seeing everyday as an opportunity to win or learn rather than fail. Discover your passions and set out to achieve them regardless of the result.

Overall self love will not happen overnight and that is perfectly fine. Your aim should be taking baby steps each day and remaining consistent. Stay honest with yourself and you will make progress. At times you maybe challenged but remember that your happiness is priceless and hence live this truth with conviction and blossom.

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