Your Winter Skincare Essentials

Summer’s officially over, with temperatures dipping low and winter peeking just around the corner. It’s time to think about switching your current skincare routine for a more hydrating routine throughout the winter.

With most of us taking frequent steamy showers and hiking up the temperatures on our indoor heating in an effort to stay warm & cosy. The chiller weather presents a new set of challenges for our skin leaving it vulnerable to dehydration, dryness, redness and irritation. Not to forget that this season can also cause your complexion to look dull and dry.

So with that said now’s the time of the year to exfoliate, hydrate, brighten, protect and repair your skin. On the up-side we’ve put together a box this month to help combat some of the challenges you may experience throughout this season.

Here are some our best tips for keeping your skin looking radiant and supple as the days get darker:

1# Exfoliate & Keep Your Skin Smooth

Got dry skin? Investing in an exfoliating shower cream will help diminish any dullness & uneven  pigmentation during the winter months. We recommend exfoliating in the evening, following on with a layer to hydrating moisturiser as this will soak into your skin overnight and will leave the skin on your body feeling silky and smooth.


2# Find Super Moisturisers 

Now’s the time to trade your moisturising lotions & gels for a creamier and more hydrating product. If your skin feeling a bit dry, we recommend you look for creams with ceramides & fatty acids as these will prevent water loss. Keeping you skin hydrated is the key to having plump & a radiant glow through this season.

3# Hydrate Your Hands 

Keep your hands smooth throughout the Winter season with hydrating hand creams & treatments.


4# Protect Your Lips 

Heal chapped and cracked lips with a moisturising lip balm with ingredients such as soothing calendula as this provides a protective natural barrier that seals in moisture and keeps lips feeling hydrated.



Keep your skin hydrated with our Winter Skincare Kit



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